News Letter Volume 1 - The Nordstick

News Letter Volume 1

What's Up Nordstick Fam!

I wanted to start the first newsletter with where this all started. 

Three years ago, I, a sports physical therapist at a D1 university in Pennsylvania, began a journey to tackle an issue common in sports – a high frequency of hamstring/knee injuries and a limited budget from the athletes. 5 years earlier, when I was in college, I was eating ramen noodles.  I couldn't afford fancy exercise equipment,  and I was not alone.  The solution? The Nordstick – was born out of a simple rolling pin and a ratchet strap.

Nordstick growing like this was never the original goal; its purpose was to serve the athletes I was working with daily who faced the same challenges – a lack of affordable solutions in fitness and rehab. Previously, to do Nordic curls – an exercise essential for hamstring strengthening and injury reduction – one had to invest in a $600 Nordic bench, an unrealistic cost for many.

My inspiration for Nordstick lies in my own experience as an athlete whose career was cut short due to injuries. The moment I had to give up soccer – an integral part of my identity – was painful, and I was determined to help others avoid the same fate.

The Nordstick aims to prevent your story from being cut short. We are all athletes in our unique ways, whether it’s playing professional sports, chasing after your kid, or just carrying your groceries upstairs. Our mission is to help you continue doing the things that are meaningful to you.

So, why Nordic curls?

Despite being under-utilized in many gyms, they are part of the FIFA 11+ program, the world's largest injury reduction plan. Nordic curls appear on every program to reduce injury, emphasizing their significance. The Nordstick made this essential exercise accessible to all.

As we grow and release new products, remember our mission: ensuring you never have to sacrifice your love for life due to time, money, or lack of understanding. We aim to lower the barrier of entry to fitness, encouraging everyone to live longer and enjoy life more.

We’d love to hear your story. If Nordstick has helped you or does in the future, please share your experience. (Send your Story to Your journey can inspire and support others. Going forward, our newsletters will feature expert advice on fitness complexities, helping you enhance your training experience and enjoy a more fulfilled life.

Thank you for being part of the Nordstick story.

CEO & Founder
The Nordstick
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