The Nordstick Pro 3.0

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Why you’ll love the Nordstick

Easily set-ups in seconds

Supports up to 500 lbs

Backed by Science

Full Lower Body Training


Proven to strengthen & reduce injury risk

Scientific research claims that Nordic Curls can increase range of motion and joint lubrication of the knee, which can prevent stiffness and degeneration

Ultra Comfortable On Your Legs

Premium Foam

1 inch thick high density foam. Designed to feel comfortable on your legs so you can push harder during your workouts!

Secure Hold For Optimal Performance

Quick Adjust Buckle

Adjust in seconds to secure your feet prior to Nordic curls! Reinforced with Secure Grip Technology to prevent sliding in use!

Rated to 880 Pounds

Gentle Yet Strong

Packed with our Zero Damaged Door Promise. The door anchor is designed with a gentle outer layer to protect doors form damage and a 1.3 inch industrial strength steal core to provide strength up to 880 pounds!

Easy Set-Up
Healthier hamstrings & knees are easy as 1, 2, 3
Step 1
Slide the Nordstick under the bottom your door, Omnibands over door, and close the door
Step 2
Pull the strap tight and make sure your feet are snug against the door. (Pro Tip: Tighter = Better)
Step 3
Pull Straps Over Shoulders and Begin to slowly lower to the floor using the Omniband to assist!


250,000+ customers

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A Game Changer for Runners

Overall I Am Very Impressed

Nicole - Runner

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No Better Hamstring Solution!

Amazing for my Clients as a Physical Therapist

Joe US Army PT

Verified buyer

Knees Feel Better than Ever

No Easier way to Strengthen your hamstrings at home

Jon - Home Gym Owner

Making hamstring training effective & accessible for everyone

“Stronger hamstrings not only enhance performance but are fundamental in reducing the risk of both hamstring strains & ACL injuries. Our mission at NordStick is to make effective, science-backed hamstring training accessible to everyone, at a fair price.”

Garret Drumheller