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6 Reasons Why 250,000+ Are Making Their Knees Healthy For A Lifetime with nordstick

Nordstick is the perfect tool for performing Nordic Curls, the best exercise to make your knees strong & injury proof

1. It’s Scientifically Proven To Improve Strength & Reduce Injury Risk

"in just 9 weeks I was able to get my first nordic curl! I feel stronger and my knees feel so much better! "

- Kristen from SC

Nordstick is the best Nordic Curl tool on the market, and it’s proven to help you increase strength and reduce injury risk

Strengthens knee muscles including the hamstrings

Can reduce your injury risk by up to 51%

It reduces the impact on your joints

2. It Makes It Exceptionally Easy For You To Train From Home

"I was tired of deciding between going to the gym and playing sports with friends. The Nordstick fixes that!"

- John from PA

Portable and versatile, the Nordstick allows you to perform Nordic curls anywhere there's a door, saving you time and energy on gym trips.

The best part? It doesn't damage your doors, and it can hold up to 500 pounds.

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Scientific research claims that Nordic Curls can increase the range of motion and joint lubrication of the knee, which can prevent stiffness and degeneration.

And, on top of that, they can also improve the alignment and coordination of the knee, hip, and ankle joints, which can reduce stress and inflammation in the knee.

Bottom line? Nordic Curls takes 5 to 10 years off your knees’ age.

4. It Contains The Best Program For making your knees Bulletproof

Made By A Physical Therapist Who Has Cured 1000s Of Knees

Together with Nordstick you will get access to the Longevity Blueprint, the research-backed program that will help you build strength and bulletproof your knees for years to come

Research Backed Exercise Program

Build Strength & Ease Pain

Can be done in 20 minutes per day


Nordstick offers the same level of functionality as a $600 Nordic bench but a 1/10 of the cost.

This way you can achieve your fitness goals without breaking the bank, at a price you won't regret paying.

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6. It Fixed The Knees & Changed The Lives Of 147,000+ Americans

Nordstick has helped countless of athletes, gym/sport enthusiasts and celebrities strengthen their knees and achieve an healthier and stronger body.

With 10,000+ positive reviews and over 147,000 units sold, we're ready to transform how you train and help you enjoy a pain-free life!

Nordstick is the #1 choice for healthier, stronger & bulletproof knees

Nordstick is the #1 choice for healthier knees

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over 147,000 Stronger Knees & COUNTING

I’ve been able to overcome great structural issues and now my knees are my greatest strength! Nordstick gets elite results for knee bulletproofing.

Ned H.

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As an ex-D1 cross country runner with ongoing hamstring issues, the Nordstick Pro has been a total game changer in helping me to stay injury-free! I’m currently training for a half marathon with next-to-no pain.

Kindle Customer

Verified Buyer

Simple, easy to use once you get it adjusted properly. Makes it possible to do hamstring curls without spending a lot. Must have for any runner working out at home and wanting to truly develop overall leg strength!

Jon T.

Verified Buyer

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Nordstick Pro 3.0

Get stronger & injury-proof knees in 10 weeks with Nordic curls.

Cuts Injury Risk In Half

Results In 10 Weeks

Reduces Knee Pain

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‘’A must-have for anyone working out at home and wanting to truly develop overall leg strength!’’

John O.

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