Zero Sled: The Ultimate Compact Powerhouse for Your Home Gym

Zero Sled: The Ultimate Compact Powerhouse for Your Home Gym

When space in your home gym is at a premium, the Zero Sled emerges as a smart addition for those who don’t want to compromise on workout intensity. Designed with a small footprint yet aiming to deliver full-scale results, let's look at this sled’s utility and performance in this short blog. Discover the Zero Sled’s key features, from its space-saving design to the impact it may have on your fitness regime.

Key Takeaways

  • The Zero Sled is a compact, space-efficient pull weight sled designed for home gyms, promising high performance with minimal space usage.

  • Key features of the Zero Sled include a patented rotating plate for smooth direction changes, a steel base able to withstand up to 275 lbs, and a detachable weight horn for load customization and easy storage.

  • The Zero Sled is versatile enough for various surfaces and workouts, providing good value for money with its durable build and innovative design, despite a somewhat premium price tag.

The Zero Sled – A Garage Gym Revolution

Imagine a fitness tool that fits right into your garage or home gym, occupying minimal space but delivering maximum impact. The Zero Sled is just that - a pull-weight sled that boasts a compact size, ideal for those who prioritize space-efficient fitness equipment. It’s designed to store on its side, thanks to a removable weight horn that optimizes space usage.

While the Zero Sled has been gaining popularity, there’s a fair share of skepticism. Can such a compact device really deliver the kind of results you’d expect from larger, more traditional fitness equipment? With a target audience mainly consisting of garage gym enthusiasts, the Zero Sled’s performance in a home setting is crucial for its success.

Assembling the Zero Sled

The Zero Sled package includes three main components: the round weight sled, a weight horn, and a rubber plate spacer. The assembly process is straightforward, involving screwing the weight horn onto the center of the weight sled. The built-in bolt on the weight horn fits perfectly into the sled, making the assembly a breeze.

What’s impressive is that you don’t need any additional tools for the basic assembly of the Zero Sled. Everything you need is included in the package. However, bear in mind that a harness or sled strap, essential for its use, needs to be purchased separately.

Crafting the Zero Sled – Form Meets Function in Home Fitness

The Zero Sled transcends the notion of a compact fitness tool, being designed with functionality as its cornerstone. From the patented rotating plate that allows seamless direction changes to the durable steel base, and the customizable weight horn and spacer system, it’s clear that every element of the Zero Sled is purposefully crafted for versatile and efficient workouts.

Innovative Rotation Plate – Pivoting with Precision

The rotating plate is one of the standout features of the Zero Sled. This patented mechanism sets it apart with unique 360-degree pivot capabilities. It’s this innovative design that allows users to change directions seamlessly during workouts, enhancing agility and ease of movement.

Be it sled drags or reverse walking, the rotating plate makes smooth direction changes, enhancing the efficacy of these exercises. Additionally, the rotation plate incorporates ball bearings, facilitating swift directional changes without detaching the sled strap during pull sled workouts.

Durability of the Steel Base – Built to Last

When it comes to durability, the Zero Sled scores high. Thanks to its high-quality steel construction, it promises longevity and can accommodate up to 275 lbs, catering to a wide range of fitness levels. This implies that the Zero Sled caters to workout needs of both beginners and seasoned fitness enthusiasts with equal ease.

Additionally, the Zero Sled’s base is entirely constructed from steel, thereby eliminating the requirement of plastic skis. Plastic skis are often used in sleds to reduce noise and prevent scratches when used on concrete surfaces. However, with its all-steel base, the Zero Sled is built to withstand intense workouts on various surfaces without causing damage.

Weight Horn and Spacer – Customizing Your Load

The customization doesn’t stop at the rotating plate. The Zero Sled also features a detachable weight horn, providing users with the flexibility to customize their load for both workout variations and efficient storage. This means you can adjust the weight based on your fitness level or the intensity of your workout.

In addition, for space-saving convenience, the weight horn can be easily detached, allowing the sled to be stored vertically. This positions the Zero Sled as a unique pull sled and an optimal choice for home gyms with space constraints, making it a kind pull sled for those with limited space.

The weight horn comes with the following features:

  • Rubber plate spacer for added stability and support during workouts

  • Facilitates efficient and easy loading and unloading of steel weight

  • Safeguards the sled’s base

  • Provides a comfortable grip during weight adjustments

These features ensure a secure and comfortable fit for the weight plates, taking into account their weight capacity, and make your workouts more efficient and convenient.

Putting the Zero Sled to the Test – Does It Deliver?

Now comes the real test - putting the Zero Sled through its paces. We’ve subjected it to a variety of exercises, including backward and forward drags, and tested it on different surfaces, from stall mats to concrete and grass.

Does it live up to its promises? Let’s discover.

Backward and Forward Drags – Assessing Exercise Versatility

One of the key tests for the Zero Sled is how it performs during forward and backward drags, as well as during sled sprints. These exercises target different muscle groups, and the Zero Sled’s unique features promise to enhance their effectiveness.

Forward sled drags target the posterior chain muscles, including glutes, hamstrings, and calves, while backward sled drags engage the front thigh muscles without straining the spine or knees. Users have praised the Zero Sled for its effectiveness in these exercises, as well as for sprints.

The Zero Sled offers several notable features, which we will discuss in this zero sled review, including:

  • Swift directional change without the need to unclip the sled strap

  • Reduction in rest time

  • Increase in workout intensity

  • Enhanced efficiency and effectiveness of your workouts

All-Terrain Capabilities – From Mats to Grass

The Zero Sled extends beyond the confines of the gym - its design caters to all terrains. It performs equally well on indoor mats, outdoor concrete, and grass, offering users the flexibility to train on various terrains. The circular design and full metal build are tailored to facilitate its use on different surfaces without compromising on performance. This implies that the Zero Sled will serve you well, be it in your garage, your backyard, or the park.

In terms of performance, the sled has earned positive feedback for its consistent workout experience across different surfaces. This attests to its all-terrain capabilities and further cements its place as a versatile workout equipment.

The Zero Sled Conclusive Review – Worth the Investment?

So, does the Zero Sled justify the investment? Priced at approximately $199.97, with potential discounts that may lower the price by $20, the Zero Sled isn’t exactly cheap. But considering its innovative features and positive feedback on performance, it does offer good value for money. Don’t forget to check for a zero sled discount code to potentially save even more on your purchase.

The Zero Sled has received accolades from reviewers for its compactness and the effectiveness of its innovative design in facilitating high-intensity workouts. It’s clear that the Zero Sled is not just another piece of home gym equipment - it’s a comprehensive workout tool that caters to different fitness levels and workout preferences.

Considering its price point, the positive feedback regarding its performance and design, and the versatility it brings, the Zero Sled provides good value for money in the home gym equipment market.


In conclusion, the Zero Sled stands out as a compact, versatile, and efficient workout tool that’s designed to revolutionize home workouts. From its innovative rotating plate and durable steel base to the customizable weight horn and all-terrain capabilities, the Zero Sled delivers on its promises.

While it may require a fair investment, the benefits it offers - high-intensity workouts, space-saving design, and versatility - make it a worthy addition to any home gym. If you’re looking to elevate your fitness routine and make the most of your workout space, the Zero Sled might just be the game-changer you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Zero Sled's weight capacity?

The Zero Sled can accommodate up to 275 lbs, so it's suitable for most users.

Can the Zero Sled be used on different surfaces?

Yes, the Zero Sled can be used on various surfaces such as indoor mats, concrete, and grass. Enjoy the flexibility!

Can the Zero Sled's weight horn be detached?

Yes, you can detach the weight horn on the Zero Sled for easy storage and customization of the load.

What exercises can I do with the Zero Sled?

You can do forward and backward drags, as well as sprints with the Zero Sled! It's versatile for various types of exercises.

Does the Zero Sled require any additional tools for assembly?

No, the Zero Sled does not require any additional tools for assembly. However, a harness or sled strap, which is essential for its use, is not included and must be purchased separately.

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