Man performing a Nordic hamstring curl exercise with knee support at home.

This Simple, “Pro-Level” Bodyweight Exercise Strengthens & Stabilizes your Knees Faster & Better Than Anything Else You've Ever Tried

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, nearly 1 in 2 Americans struggle with knee issues at least once in their lifetime — despite America recording an 80% participation in sports in 2023 alone.

Here's what's wrong, and how adding one simple exercise to your routine can prevent you from being part of that statistic.

Garrett Drumheller

June 15th, 2024

Man performing a Nordic hamstring curl exercise with knee support at home.

In 2018, According To The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 25% of American Adults Struggled With Some Sort Of Knee Issue …

That's 1 in every 4 people.

 In that time, the amount of knee issues had increased by 65%!

…And right now, the stats show that 1 out of every 2 Americans deal with knee issues – weak or unstable knee(s) — at least once in their life.

With a future estimated growth of 673% by 2030.

All this is despite the fact that in America, most of us play sports and work out— or try to stay active at least…

With almost 60% of people said to exercise 3x per week, and 80% of all Americans said to have participated in sports in 2023 alone! 

So, the question is:

Why is there still a knee pandemic issue?

Athlete gripping a painful, glowing knee, indicating injury or strain.

Why are you still at risk for serious knee issues like pain, instability, and loss of function — including the ability to walk, run, climb stairs, even getting up off a chair — despite all the gruesome leg days that leave us with DOMS and pains for days?

As you'll soon see, the answer to this question of people having/developing weak and unstable knees doesn’t even have to do with your knees themselves.

It's actually due to weak hamstrings instead — including the fact that most leg and “hamstring exercises” we do, DON'T really have much of an impact or do much to strengthen those muscles.

Person using a leg press machine in a gym.

Why leg days don't really work?

In order to understand why there seems to be a “silent knee pandemic” going on (and how to protect yourself), you first need to understand what’s exactly going on down there — how your legs and knees actually work...

You see, when it comes to joints in our body, their stability and movement are usually controlled by the muscles, ligaments and tendons around the joint.

The muscles and ligaments determine how strong and stable the joint is. Which, in turn, depends on the strength and grip of those muscles and ligaments themselves, especially around the joint. 

When it comes to the knee, the two most important muscles that control and stabilize it … are the quads and hamstrings

The both of them work together to move and stabilize the knees and hips. Which directly affects every movement you do with your lower body — walking, bending, running, etc.

The quads and hamstrings work through what's called balanced co-activation and co-contraction; which is to say that during any movement, the force required to perform that motion is both generated AND balanced out equally by these two muscles.

Usually the force to move/jump/pick up stuff is generated in your quads and then balanced out by your hamstrings in order to complete the full motion (while protecting your knees too, as you'll soon see…).

In a healthy situation, the force generated by your quads to perform any motion is always adequately absorbed/balanced out by your hamstrings — because they're strong enough to do so. 

Animated diagram showing elbow joint and forearm muscles movement during elbow flexion and extension.

All this, in turn, mean two things for your knees:

1. First, this adequate balance of force prevents a lot of that “movement force” from being transferred to the ligaments and tendons in the joint of your knees.

2. And secondly, the more balanced the co-contraction, the more the muscles fire/contract together to perform the movement — and the more grip they have on the joint as a result. This provides and improves the stability of your knees as you move.

But all these are for an ideal, healthy situation. And most people aren't that healthy down there, because they have terribly weak hamstrings.

Do you also have terribly weak hamstrings?

Most people work desk jobs where they have to sit all day, which shortens the hamstring length and causes tight hamstrings over time.

And at the same time they're NOT strengthening the muscles that help carry the load, move the joint and relieve the stress on them… 

Leading to terribly weak hamstrings.

And... you can also see where all the risks and injuries and other knee issues are coming from.

For instance, if you work out, play any sports or run regularly, you might have noticed that when you do legs/use them a lot, you usually get these really serious and painful DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness - aka after-workout muscle soreness).

And they also always seem to stay for WAY LONGER than when you do/work out your upper body too!

Upper body pains don't seem to last as long, while leg DOMS seem to almost go on forever (all week)

Why? Because those leg muscles are WEAKER.

So when you use/strain them, they feel it more. And take longer to fully recover or heal.

Person holding a red, swollen knee in pain while sitting on a stool.

But more importantly, these weak stabilizing muscles are slowly but surely deteriorating your knees over time

Truth is, most of us don't have very weak quads — because those are the muscles most people work out more.

And it's also the primary muscle that's used to start/generate lower body motion, so it's naturally stronger because of that.

But as for your hamstrings…

Well, not only are they weak in general...

But more importantly, they're much weaker compared to YOUR QUADS. 

From excess sitting all day to never properly training and activating them, it's very common to have weak hamstrings.

The result of this is that when most people move or run, their hamstrings aren't able to fully absorb/balance out the force generated by the quads.

And, as a result, the excesses of the force imbalances are transferred to the ligaments in your knees to balance it out (because it needs to go somewhere, right?)

That's where you start feeling that something is slightly off, sharp pains from time to time, your knees feeling like they're about to pop if you do a particular activity, etc…

That's where those come from, and why they happen in the first place.

When the balance between your quads and hamstrings is off, they also don't fire well together, and they don't grip the joint as tightly enough.

Which leads to the instability you might feel in your knees (and sometimes hips) when you move. 

If left unchecked, this unbalance can lead to moderate to serious knee issues that can stop you from living an active life.

But there is good news in all of this:

All you need to do in order to get better, stronger, more stable/flexible knees and legs is to perform exercises to strengthen your hamstrings.

Strengthening the stabilizing muscles around the joint is what “strengthening the joint” is all about.
And any good PT or Orthopedic would tell you that.  

The problem is: training your hamstrings is tricky

A person performing a deadlift in a well-equipped gym with mirrors and various exercise equipment.

Even now we know that strengthening our hamstrings is the solution, there's still a problem when it comes to actually doing so: 

It's been shown that most of the exercises people do for hamstrings — like Leg Curls, Deadlifts and Lunges — aren't super effective at strengthening those muscles 

A study done by William P. Ebben and his colleagues in 2009, where they tested for the effectiveness of hamstring exercises for injury prevention and knee strengthening, showed that most hamstring exercises have just a little impact on the actual hamstring muscles themselves.

AND are slow at actually effecting any change.

The reason this happens, is mainly because they don't target the hamstrings EXCLUSIVELY.

What this means is that these exercises involve a whole lot of other muscles in their execution.

In short, exercises supposed to target the hamstrings specifically are targeting not only the hamstrings, but also the glutes and lower back, all at the same time — with these other muscles doing/sharing a lot of the work too, which shouldn't happen.

And I know that pretty much every exercise involves more than one group of muscles…

But there are still certain exercises we do to target different specific muscles, like push ups and pull ups, crunches and ab exercises that are actually effective at doing so.

And the reason why those exercises work is because they target said muscles a lot more than other “unimportant” ones.

The main muscle(s) do most of the work and gets most of the gains as a result.

But that's not the case with most hamstring exercises.

Because in their case, the glutes and lower back are doing A LOT of the work too.

This, in addition to how much most of us train quads (which increases the power our legs generate during movement) … means most of us are STILL at risk for knee issues.

Is this to say you're wasting your time at the gym doing leg day?

Or that leg days don't work entirely?

Not exactly… 

Person performing a squat exercise on a blue mat in a well-lit room.

Your quads, glutes, calves, and even your hips and lower back, they still need get strengthening from doing those exercises.

But, are you wasting your time doing the aforementioned “hamstring” exercises? Well, it could be.

The reason is simple: when it comes to strengthening hamstrings and protecting your knees, you need something way more effective.

(Especially the older you are/get, since this is when muscle atrophy starts to come into play).

You need an exercise that can target the hamstrings exclusively.

So you get much more of an impact, and you actually get stronger legs/knees.

And … there is one exercise that's been shown to be one of (if not THE BEST) exercise for targeting hamstrings exclusively.

An exercise that's regularly used by pro athletes, both for strengthening their hamstrings and preventing serious knee, hamstring, ankle and leg injuries as a result (as well as improving their explosiveness, athleticism, balance and agility too)

And it's so good and effective that it's part of the most researched and most widely used injury prevention program for pro athletes in sports… 

The Best Exercise For Injury Prevention, Knee and Hamstring Strengthening, and Improved Mobility + Balance — The Nordic Curl 

Man doing a knee push-up exercise at home on a rug.

You may or may not have already heard about this exercise.

You might have come across it already on Facebook or YouTube or Tiktok, or not.

Either way, the Nordic curl is a simple but super challenging exercise you can do anywhere.

And it's one of the fastest and most effective ways to strengthen your hamstrings AND your knees too as a result.

Tons of ELITE athletes, like Tyjae Spears (NFL) and Gilbert Burns (UFC fighter) are all doing this exercise.

And probably a lot more you don't know, as it's a part of the hamstring and knee (ACL) injury prevention program for pro soccer athletes — and pro athletes in general.

One of the most researched, most used and most effective injury prevention and rehabilitation programs for pro athletes…

The FIFA 11+ program 

Person performing a kneeling exercise with feet secured, inside a room with a plant and white doors.

This exercise seems to be getting all the hype right now.

And it's because it's one of the best exercises at targeting and activating your hamstrings EXCLUSIVELY. 

The test we talked about earlier, which showed that other hamstring exercises weren't as effective at targeting said hamstrings⁵, also showed NORDIC CURLS to be super effective.

The most effective exercise at doing so in fact…

Nordic Curls have a 98% activation of the hamstring muscles during the exercise.

And the most common leg exercises such as squats and leg curls only have a 50% activation.

Pretty much the entirety of your hamstrings are targeted/activated during this exercise.

Which is why the results are much faster, and sometimes pretty incredible (or like one person said, “almost like a magic bullet ”)

The benefits people have reported from doing nordics (as they're popularly called too) include:  

Reduced injury & re-injury risk

Stronger knees & overall health

Better athletic performance

Visible improvements in 10 weeks or less

The best thing about Nordic Curls? You can do them anywhere, anytime — BUT… (and there's a big “but”) 

Nordic curls are even better and cooler because they're simple and easy to set up and do — pretty much ANYWHERE and at ANYTIME.

All you need is somewhere to anchor your feet, and adequate padding for your knees.

It's an exercise that involves lowering yourself — your entire body weight— to the ground, slowly and in a controlled manner, using your hamstrings alone to control the movement.

And don't worry — with adequate padding, your knees don't hurt, even if you previously had/felt a little pain/instability*

Simply because most of the pressure/load is on your hamstrings.

*Consult your physician for pain level/critical of your own personal situation before trying

Anatomical illustration of man performing Nordic hamstring curl exercise on a mat.

This doesn't mean the exercise itself is easy

In fact, it's one of the most challenging exercises you'll ever do.

I can absolutely guarantee you, with 100% certainty, that you wouldn't be able to complete even ONE full nordic curl right now (unless you are a professional athlete).

Simply because your hamstrings are very weak — and doing nordic curls will show you just how weak they really are.

But … the good news is, you don't even need to do the full thing for you to start experiencing the benefits.

Just trying is enough!

If you only do a half Nordic Curl, you will activate the hamstrings like never before.

Even just beginning the exercise has a HUGE impact both on your hamstrings, and your knees.

Helping them get stronger, more stable, and more flexible

And … due to the amount and degree of activation of your hamstrings, these changes happens faster than with other exercises.

Usually you'll be feeling the effects — which usually are (in people's own words) “stronger, more stable knees and legs”, … in just a few weeks.

But, in order to experience and enjoy all these benefits with nordic curls, there's… a CONDITION:

As with all other exercises, you need to do Nordic Curls using proper form. So you activate the necessary muscles properly, and most importantly, don't injure yourself, make things worse, or even cramp up while doing the exercise — which most people who do nordics wrong always seem to complain of. 

For Nordic curls, proper form means having your feet in dorsiflexion, meaning this way: 

Diagram showing dorsiflexion and plantar flexion of the foot and ankle.

This will allow you to hit the right force curve and get the right impact on your muscles and knees, while also preventing you from injuring yourself or complicating things even more...

But, in order to do Nordic curls the right way, you either need:

1. Someone to hold/anchor your feet like that while you bust them out
2. To go to the gym and use their nordic bench, or
3. To buy a nordic bench yourself

Two shirtless men performing a kneeling exercise together in a gym.A black workout bench with leg rollers and a sturdy metal frame.

Problem is, the first option is both not feasible, and it's inconvenient.

Someone won't always be there to hold your feet.

The second option is ideal, but can sometimes be inconvenient too.

Most of us don't have the time to always go to the gym, or the strength to do so after a long day — so we'd prefer to workout at home if possible (right?).

Even when we do go to the gym, we don't want to spend a lot of time waiting for the machine just to do our routines…

And, honestly, most of us would prefer exercises which aren't much of a hassle to do in the first place.

The third option is a pretty expensive one.

Nordic benches cost upwards of $500 — which, if you can afford, you should definitely go for.

It's just… it's a pretty serious expense to make for just one exercise (plus a few others maybe).

There are other options like makeshift DIY equipment, and straps…

 But, like others who have tried them have also found out, they don't feel exactly the same as with a dedicated machine/when using proper form.

They don't have the same force curve, and the exercises don't feel like they're hitting the same.

The thing is, you NEED to do Nordic Curls. They're a super important and beneficial exercise, something arguably every one of us should be doing — because of the health of our knees and legs over time … 

Especially if you work a desk job, play sports, or are very active in your spare time — or at your job (construction, nurses, etc).

And this is one of those things you DON'T want to find out later on, or wait until it happens to you before you address it.

By then it's much harder and too late. it would simply be a management process where the damage has already been done.

Most of us have aging parents — and we've seen it happen to them, or start happening right now — so you know this is a real thing

That's what made me create The Nordstick

All of these factors, in addition to my personal need (as a pro sports physical therapist) to have to train my athletes both at home and on the go — gym or no gym …

Led me to team up with some manufacturers here in the US, to create a super-mini nordic bench, so to say …

Something with the same force curve as the nordic bench machine, with the essential parts like the leg support and knee support ONLY…

BUT that's also super portable and convenient, and allows you to actually do nordic curls ANYTIME and ANYWHERE…

And all for 1/10th the price of a NORDIC BENCH

Same effectiveness, same impact as a Nordic Bench

This little equipment is so good and effective, it's used by popular and elite athletes too!

Athletes like Gilbert Burns, Tyjae Spears and Mickey Gall use them to do Nordic curls with proper form, from anywhere and at anytime — and to experience the same full benefits of nordics as with a dedicated machine.

Even Kneesovertoes Guy recommends them to start doing nordics and bulletproof your knees/mobility!

The Nordstick can help you strengthen & stabilize your hamstrings and knees

Man in a blue shirt holding exercise equipment in a modern home.

The Nordstick is a simple but revolutionary little piece of equipment that allows you to get all the benefits of Nordic Curls (and way more) from the comfort of your home and without spending a lot of money on equipment.

You can use it at home, take it with you to the gym, or on trips — wherever!

It allows you to do Nordic Curls by providing the same leg support as the nordic bench, which you can adjust to your leg size/level using the strap. 

Using that, and padding for your knees, you can do nordic curls with the same perfect form and force curve as with the dedicated machine, but you can do it much more conveniently, and much more often.

Because you can take your “nordic bench” with you anywhere.

You can also use The Nordstick to do other exercises too, like core and ab exercises — same as with the nordic bench.

And all this, just for 1/10th the price of a nordic bench.

Comparison chart of NordicStick and Nordic Bench equipment for Nordic curls.

This is why The Nordstick has 147,000+ 5-star reviews, as other Americans are already using them to safeguard and protect their knees, get stronger legs, and have more versatile workouts.

This includes even celebrities like Joe Rogan… as well as everyone else, from pro athletes to weekend warriors, from younger to older people

And the results they've experienced include some of the ones we're all needing/looking for — like stronger hamstrings, stronger and more stable knees, freedom from pain, and the ability to do the activities and things they love again, plus a whole lot more!

Here, see for yourself: 

Total game changer

My favorite piece of Equipment now. Nordic hamstring curls are a total game changer. It's super easy to use. No damage to the door and stick stays in place the entire time. Much more stable than what I’ve rigged up at the gym.

- Alain L.

Recommended to everyone

I recently ordered the Nordstick. It is excellent. I feel that I receive the same intensity as a much more expensive Nordic ham machine. Also, the Nordstick is portable, so I can take it with me when I travel. Recommended to everyone.

- Marcelo C.


Simple, easy to use once you get it adjusted properly. Makes it possible to do hamstring curls without spending a lot. Must have for anyone working out at home and wanting to truly develop overall leg strength.

- Jon

Question is, why not you too? (Final Thoughts) 

Why take the risk of suffering from knee issues and difficulty with movement in the future — maybe even near future — when the solution is now very obvious, AND pretty simple to implement?

The problem with the “knee epidemic” is clear — and it's now obvious that we need to take some responsibility to protect our knees and our bodies in general, especially as we age.

So we can keep doing (most of) the things we like/want/need to do.

Most importantly, it's now also clear HOW we should do so — how it's all about exercises with a high impact that'll give us the results and have the effects we want/need.

And how Nordic Curls are one of the best (the fastest/most effective) ways to do so.

Which is why they're so popular among athletes. 

Woman exercising with resistance bands at home, wearing maroon workout clothes.

But you don't have to be an athlete to take advantage of the benefits or look after your own knees/body.

You can do so starting today, and also (most likely) fix any current knee strength and stability issues in the process…

All you need to do is get in your nordic curl reps consistently to reap all these amazing rewards for your health and quality of life.

And you can now do so at your own convenience, from wherever and whenever you want, using The Nordstick.

Getting and using The Nordstick pretty much makes it way easier and convenient to get those benefits, strengthen your legs and rejuvenate your knees.

Which is much better and way cheaper than the alternative— living with knee pains, immobility, total dependence on others, being super old real quick, etc.

If you had to choose between the two, the choice is pretty clear isn't it? 

Even better — there's a first time buyer’s discount running right now! 

Resistance bands connected to padded ankle straps and a cushioned waist belt.

As affordable and accessible The Nordstick has been designed to be — we decided to make the deal even better…

So that more people can start practicing and doing nordic curls, and we’ll have less and less adults walking around with fragile, liable legs and knees — aka injuries waiting to happen.

I know about this all too well, because it was something that affected my girlfriend too — when due to how weak her hamstrings were, she suffered a serious, career-threatening knee injury…

I saw it devastate and change her.

I saw her struggle with doing even basic stuff, going from a fully capable athlete and adult, to needing me (or some form of support) to do a lot of things.

I saw the fear of not being able to go pro and do what she loved, the frustration and pain of watching her peers — and her life — seemingly pass by… 

I never wanted that to happen to her again.

Which is what led to me (us) doing extensive research, discovering nordic curls…

And then innovating The Nordstick to allow her to do them properly and perfectly from home — as going to the gym/moving around in that condition was a hassle, and I wasn't always around.  

Two people high-fiving in a modern, brightly lit living room.

The importance of this cannot be overstated really — it's your mobility, your ability to move around and do stuff.

You really don't know what you have until you lose it. And, in this case, you do NOT want to find out, trust me. 

That's why we decided to slash the prices of these a little bit more, and offer you a 20% off discount

The manufacturers aren't involved in this deal (because the cost of production is the cost of production. That doesn't exactly change) …

The cut comes from OUR pockets and OUR profits.

But it's worth it because the product does work, and it was made to cater to people's knees …

Which is exactly what dropping the price allows it to do for a lot of people, including you.

So we're still happy. It's a win-win for everybody.

But only if you take advantage of the deal right now, as it won't last forever.

This deal mostly depends on the stock we have right now, and costs of production staying low…

And with how much/how fast people are swiping them up — which is probably due to the fact that you also get a FREE, 10-week Nordic Curl workout plan, along with the Nordstick…

The plan is made to help you stay fit and healthy, improve your workouts, AND your results too — including your weight/size, AND your strength, AND your energy levels …

Laptop, phone, and pamphlet displaying 'The Nordstick Resilience Program,' offered free with a $99 value.

The FREE 10 Week Nordic Curls workout plan coming automatically with your purchase of the Nordstick definitely makes it a great deal.

Which is why we've been selling out a lot of these everyday. 

It's why I'd also advise you get yours now before it's too late.

And don't worry — your purchase is risk free, with a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

So if you don't like the quality and performance of The Nordstick, the strength and durability and convenience, and if it's not exactly as described…

You can return it, and you'll get all your money back, no questions asked.

But, just like with 147,000+ others, this most likely won't be the case.

You'll most likely enjoy The Nordstick, enjoy the challenge of doing nordic curls, and get to enjoy, stronger, better, more stable, more powerful, and more explosive knees, hamstrings and legs in the process — for both now, AND as you get older.

So take the plunge today! Don't wait for things to get bad first, or worse — for this sweet, sweet deal to pass you by. 


Stronger knees in 10 weeks with Nordstick

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