Full Body Resistance Band Workout Using the OmniBands

Full Body Resistance Band Workout Using the OmniBands

In today's fast-paced world, finding time to hit the gym can be a challenge. Fortunately, innovations like the OmniBands from Nordstick are changing the game, allowing for effective, full-body workouts from the comfort of your home. The OmniBands are not just another version of the resistance band; they're a gateway to over 100+ resistance band exercises, enabling you to master even complex moves like Nordic Curls with ease.

All-In-One Home Gym Equipment

The OmniBands brings you unparalleled convenience in home fitness. With the ability to attach these bands anywhere and increase resistance up to 150 pounds, they're effectively an all-in-one gym. Whether you're looking to intensify your workouts or just starting out, the OmniBands offer a range of resistances from 10 to 150 pounds. Their Multi-Anchor Design means you can attach them to your door or a pull-up bar, adding new dimensions to your resistance band workouts.


Exercise Versatility

Gone are the days of repetitive resistance band exercises. The OmniBands bring versatility to your workout routines, ensuring you never get bored. With options for both upper-body and lower-body resistance band exercises, these bands provide new stimuli, allowing for targeted muscle strengthening and a full range of motion. This versatility not only helps in building muscle but also in reducing joint stress and injury risks.

Tracking Progress

Unique to the OmniBands are the lines that allow you to track your progress. Unlike traditional resistance bands, these lines act as visual markers, helping you see your improvements over time. This feature is particularly useful when doing resistance band exercises that require precise control and incremental resistance adjustments.

Full Body Workout with OmniBands

Now, let's delve into a comprehensive full-body workout you can do with the OmniBands. This workout targets every major muscle group on your entire body, ensuring a balanced and effective session.

If you want to watch a demonstration of all the workouts, all you have to do is click play on the video below.

Lower Body Exercises

You can easily add more resistance to workouts like these with the Omnibands.
  1. Reverse Squat: This resistance band classic strengthens lower abs and hip flexors. Lay on your back, put the bands over your toes, and pull your knees to your chest. Pull slowly and resist as much as you can as you return to the starting position.

  2. TKEs (Terminal Knee Extensions): Great for quads and yet another staple exercise you can do with resistance bands. It mimics reverse walking to warm up your legs. Start with your feet flat and slowly lower your body with your knees slightly bent. Remember to drive your knees backward, not your butt.

  3. Hamstring Curls: Prepares you for Nordic curls. Increases challenge by adding more bands. Normally, you'd need a long resistance band set to make it more challenging, but with the Omnibands, you'll have everything you need to scale your hamstring curls.

  4. Hip Abduction/Adduction/Extension/Flexion: Targets glutes and adductors, essential for lower body strength and stability. With these resistance band exercises, you can easily transition from one starting position to the next. You can also do these with resistance bands, starting with your left foot and then your right. You can make the Hip Flexion a bit easier with your knees bent up to your chest instead of kicking your feet up.

  5. Airplanes: This resistance band favorite is great for warming up your hamstrings and glutes, and preparing for heavier exercises like deadlifts. Grab the OmniBands and stand from a distance in front of your door until you get some resistance. Bring your left foot back and lower your body until it's in a horizontal position, only held up by your right stationary leg. Go back up in the starting position.

  6. Hip Thrust: Focuses on glute activation, another essential move for deadlift preparation.

Upper Body Exercises

The OmniBand is the perfect at-home partner for your weight training. You can add extra resistance with ease, too!

These upper body exercises might be too much to ask for the normal resistance band. But with the OmniBands, these can enhance strength and stability across various muscle groups—you don't even have to change your starting position:

  • As, Ts, Ys, Is, Ws: These exercises target everything from your lats to your scapular muscles, ensuring balanced upper body strength. Remember to keep your arms straight and your feet shoulder-width apart through every rep

  • Face Pulls: Enhance upper and mid-back muscles as you get your shoulder blades to work, crucial for posture and back strength.

  • Bicep Curls & Tricep Extensions: Focus on upper arms, improving both strength and muscle tone.

  • Mid Rows: Target the back, improving overall upper body strength.

Core Exercises

The OmniBands also facilitate effective core workouts, essential for stability and strength:

  • Half-Kneeling Wood Chops & Reverse Half-Kneeling Wood Chops: These resistance band exercises target the core and obliques, improving rotational strength and stability.

  • Pallof Press: A versatile exercise for core strength, also aiding in lower back pain relief.

Bonus: Reverse Deadlifts

An excellent exercise for core activation and lower body strength, preparing you for more intense lifting sessions.


For just $40, the OmniBands offer an affordable yet comprehensive workout solution, allowing for customized tension and progress tracking. Whether you're looking to build muscle, increase flexibility, or just stay active, the OmniBands provide a versatile, effective, and convenient solution.

Remember, the key to effective workouts is not just the exercises you do but how you do them. With the OmniBands, you're equipped to enhance your full body workout, ensuring that every muscle group is engaged and strengthened. From the comfort of your home, you can achieve fitness goals that were once only possible in a gym setting. With these small but mighty tools, your fitness journey is boundless.

So, why wait? Transform your fitness routine with the OmniBands and feel the difference in your strength, flexibility, and overall health. Reach out to garrett@thenordstick.com if you have any questions or need further guidance on maximizing your workouts with OmniBands. Get ready to own your progress and elevate your fitness game to new heights!

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