AntiGravity Mode with the Omnibands. Set up, Programming, Drop sets, And more!

AntiGravity Mode with the Omnibands. Set up, Programming, Drop sets, And more!

Getting Started With your OmniBands
First things First: What is Anti Gravity Mode?
Anti Gravity Mode is the best way to regress your Nordic Curl! Why? To simplify this think about the Bench Press. If you wanted to be able to bench press 135 pounds but were unable to you would not put 135 on the bar. You would start lighter where you are at and gradually progress. This is exactly what is happening with anti Gravity mode! the Bands will take some weight off the movement so that you can complete a successful rep. You can then gradually add more weight as you get better by loosening the strap. The ladder design on the strap allows you to track progress and ensure you are making progress! If you did level 5 today and had success try level 4 next time and this progressive increase in challenge will guide you to the goal of a full nordic curl. 

Where Do I Really Even START?
With our new and improved design you can start with 2 bands (one on each shoulder). Your first goal is to find a point on the ladder that challenges you. You should be able to do 5-8 reps but it should not be easy for you to do 15 reps. This is a key. If it does not challenge you it will not progress you as fast as you want. Once you have this starting point that provides the challenge you want, Record it. Every time you use perform nordic curls you want to either A) increase reps per set from last time B) slow down your reps or C) move one level lower on the ladder. If for some reason you are sore or don't feel 100% it is fine to stay at the same level as the previous time. Remember just doing some reps is better than nothing. 

Here is a video on how to set up your OmniBand! 

What Happens When Level 1 with 2 Bands Becomes Easy?
We designed this product so you could then progress to 1 band and keep working toward your goal. This is the biggest problem with Nordic curl regression. Most tools can help you get started but don't help you through the full journey. The Make you better at partial reps, but what is next. This is where I struggled for many years with many clients. This new design will literally walk you from a lot of assistance to basically none at all. Guiding you through the full Process! by the time you can do 8 reps with one band at level 1 you will be able to do a full nordic curl!  

Drop It Like it is Hot! 

This was my favorite discovery when making this product! Drop Sets! This is can be used at all levels but is more for someone who has been doing Nordic curls for a little while now. You are going to think of 3 levels that are easy for you, medium, and Hard. Start with the hard version that you can do 5-8 reps of with good form. Once fatigued you will either adjust the strap to be easier or add a band. Now complete as many reps as you can with the medium challenge. Lastly you will add even more assistance and do this again until you feel the fatigue level you desire. WOW! What a feeling of fatigue after I do sets like this. This is a great way to finish your workout with a Bang! 
Here is a Video showing this:

Bonus: Hamstring curls 

A great way to Get started, warm up, or work through imbalances with one leg being stronger than another is with Hamstring curls with the Omniband. Not everyone is ready to jump right into Nordic curls so starting with Banded hamstring curls can be a great way to build hamstring strength or activate your muscles to prepare you for nordic curls! 

I hope this helps you on your journey to more resilient hamstrings if you have any addition questions please reach out! 

Lets Lean into Strength so we can Lean More into Life, 
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