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Your Journey from Couch to Nordic Curl: An Exciting Comprehensive Guide is Coming Your Way


For the past three months, we've been collaborating with top professionals in the realms of Physical Therapy and Strength and Conditioning to construct an empowering journey: a comprehensive guide that'll take you from couch to mastering the Nordic Curl!

We've designed this program with versatility in mind, offering two different routes: a general Couch-to-Nordic Curl journey requiring no equipment, and an accelerated journey for those utilizing the Nordspotter. Based on our research, we've observed that people reach their goals faster with the Nordspotter, hence the accelerated program.

Today, we're thrilled to share with you an introductory glimpse into this transformative program and the preliminary workouts to get you started!

Introduction to the Program

Accomplishing a Nordic hamstring curl is not merely a feat of strength; it is a testament to persistence and dedication in the face of a challenging and rewarding exercise. This remarkable exercise can transform your hamstring strength and consequently play a significant role in injury rehabilitation and performance enhancement.

Our upcoming eBook seeks to give you an in-depth understanding of the knee joint, highlighting why the Nordic Curl is such a unique exercise, and how it can be your solution to knee pain. But that's not all - we've also incorporated a step-by-step guide to achieving a Nordic curl. This program is far from being one-size-fits-all. While it includes sample workouts, it also teaches you to customize and build your own routine.

The Testing Phase

Before diving headfirst into the program, we kick off with a 'Testing Week' - a series of tests designed to assess your current capabilities and provide clear markers of your progress throughout the journey. This includes the Foot-to-Butt Test, Hamstring Bias Glute Bridge Max Repetition, and the Nordic Iso Test. We'll guide you through each of these tests, setting you up for success in the program to follow!

Coming Soon!

We are brimming with excitement to share this comprehensive guide with you in just a few weeks. To get you prepared and pumped for the journey, we're offering a special promotion: use the code Couch2Nordic for a 15% discount on your Nordstick or Nordspotter order!

Stay tuned for our comprehensive guide, a transformative program that'll shift you from being a couch potato to achieving the powerful Nordic Curl, all while enhancing your understanding of your body and bolstering your overall strength and fitness. Buckle up for an exciting journey ahead!

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