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Where do I really Even Start with Nordic Curls? Free Protocol Inside!

We get asked a lot about how to program Nordic curls into your workouts. I thought I would dive into this on a Sunday morning so you can immediately implement this into your training and easily remember what week you are on.  
1) Start at a level you are comfortable performing 6-8 quality reps for! If you can slowly lower with eccentrics keeping your torse straight start there! If you are like me when I started and you look like a fish out of water flopping on the ground when trying to do a few reps. Start with isometric holds! If you aren't sure and want to take the guesswork out of it... Use the NordSpotter!
2) Sets, Reps, Frequency. The most researched Nordic hamstring protocol is attached below. It is a great place to start and has been shown to reduce injury/pain by 70% and re-injury by 85%.  The key to this protocol is performing the style of Nordic curl that is best for your current level. Less is often more with where we start! 
Check out this protocol and if we all start this today or tomorrow, our community could have the largest group of bulletproof hamstrings on the planet! :) 
  • WEEK 1: 2 SETS X 5 REPS, 1/WEEK
  • WEEK 2: 2 SETS X 6 REPS, 2/WEEK
  • WEEK 3: 3 SETS X 6-8 REPS, 3/WEEK
  • WEEK 4: 3 SETS X 8-10 REPS, 3/WEEK
  • WEEKS 5-10: 3 SETS X 12/10/8 REPS, 3/WEEK
  • WEEKS 10+: 3 SET, X 12/10/8 REPS, 1/WEEK
Petterson et al 2011
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