The Nordstick Premium X ATG

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The Nordstick Premium X ATG

The Nordstick Premium X ATG

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The ATG Nordstick - Our Best Product Yet! Upgraded in every way possible to give you a product so amazing you have to see to believe!

It still blows my mind that you can build world-class knees with just a NordStick plus your own body. If I could only add one thing to the Zero program, this is it! The closer you get to the truth, the simpler the subject becomes. - KneesOverToesGuy

Key Features: 

  1. Comfort you have to feel to believe- Designed with the best foam money can buy for ultimate comfort and durability.

  2. Door Anchor - Rubberized to prevent damage to the door and 1.5 inches in diameter to prevent it from sliding under your door so you can have a secure feel!

  3. Unmatched Speed and Security New Cam Buckle designed that will not slide or slip. It is rated at 350+ break weight! This new Buckle also allows quick setup and more effortless transfer between users!

We took one of the top-selling hamstring-strengthening devices on the market and improved every aspect! We then partnered with the biggest name in Knee health, Knees Over Toes Guy to make the perfect devices to assist you on your journey! 
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