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Easy Set-Up
Healthier hamstrings & knees are easy as 1, 2, 3
Step 1
Slide the Nordstick under the bottom your door, Omnibands over door, and close the door
Step 2
Pull the strap tight and make sure your feet are snug against the door. (Pro Tip: Tighter = Better)
Step 3
Pull Straps Over Shoulders and Begin to slowly lower to the floor using the Omniband to assist!


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A Game Changer for Runners

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No Better Hamstring Solution

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Knees Feel Better Than Ever

No easier way to strengthen your hamstrings at home

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Making hamstring training effective & accessible for everyone

“Stronger hamstrings not only enhance performance but are fundamental in reducing the risk of both hamstring strains & ACL injuries. Our mission at NordStick is to make effective, science-backed hamstring training accessible to everyone, at a fair price.”

Garret Drumheller