The Omnistrap is the most versatile product EVER that should be in every gym bag!

5 Reasons Why The Omnistrap is a Must-have for every gym bag!

1. Get Stronger By the Foot!

"The Omnistrap is a whole gym for under $50. I can do pretty much any isolation exercise with it. This is a godsend for home gym owners" - Kristen from SC

  • Build Your Glutes: Hip extension, Donkey Kicks, Hip Abduction.
  • Strengthen your Hip Flexors: reverse squats, Hip flexion
  • BulletProof Your Knees: Leg Extension and Leg curls
  • No more Shin Splits: Tib Raises and Ankle Circles!
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2. The Omnistrap Attaches to anything!

"If I am at home and using powerblocks or at the gym and using a cable machine this product does it all" -John from PA

  1. Do not let your workouts be limited by the equipment your gym has!
  2. D Rings: Attach to any cable machine. Ancore machine, or resistance bands with our 2-ring design.
  3. Insanely Strong Nylon Strap: Attach to Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Powerblocks, Barbells, you name it and it will attach to an omnistrap!

3. Small but Mighty

"It's crazy how strong this thing is. I have used it for reverse squats with over 200 pounds and it felt great! " - Justin from LA

  1. Premium Shark Skin Neoprene - Feels so good you have to feel to believe. Does not absorb sweat or odor
  2. Cam Buckle Design- Lightning fast set up and 3rd party tested to handle over 600 pounds.
  3. Easily store in any gym bag or suitcase so your workouts never have to be limited by what equipment your gym has.
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4.BulletProof Your Body

  • Nordic curls reduce injury risk by over 50% and re-injury risk by 85%. The Nordstick makes doing nordic curls easier than ever.
  • Nordic curls are a key exercise in the FIFA 11+, the world's most effective injury reduction program.
  • Nordic curls reduce the risk of ACL injuries, hamstring injuries, and other knee/hip-related injuries.

5. Unbeatable Value

  • The Omnistrap is less than 50% of the price of the competition and ads 10x the versatility.
  • An entire gym for $34.97! Get a leg extension, leg curl machine, tib bar, hip abduction machine and leg press all in one product!

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The Omnistrap

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Check out what others are saying!

"I used to dread going to the gym because I never had the time, and my knee pain made it even harder to exercise. But then I discovered Nordic curls and I can do them right at home! They're so easy to do and I only need to spend a few minutes a day to feel the benefits. My knee pain has improved and I feel stronger overall. Now, I can't wait to go for a run or play basketball with my friends!"

Mark From Ohio USA ★★★★★

"I was skeptical at first, but Nordic curls have completely changed my life! As someone who suffered from knee pain, I was limited in what I could do. But now that I've been doing Nordic curls, my knee pain has significantly decreased and I feel stronger than ever. I can finally enjoy my favorite activities like hiking and playing sports without worrying about pain. Trust me, if you want to improve your leg strength and reduce pain, Nordic curls are the way to go!"

Maria from Arizona, USA ★★★★★

"Great product, has so far exceeded my expectations. I train mostly in a garage gym and the Nordstick has been great. It has been sturdy so far (I weight 110kg/240lbs). I also live out in New Zealand and delivery was about a week faster than quoted. Overall, would 10/10 buy again" 

John from New Zealand ★★★★★

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With over 100,000 happy customers we are confident you will love your Nordstick. If you do not for any reason, send it back in 30 days no questions ask!

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