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Here at Nordstick we value the individuals that champion our products in their quests for the perfect workout. That's why we want our customers to not only get a discount but support their favorite affiliate along the way.

Physical Therapists

Dr. Andy Seraphin

Dr. Andy Seraphin is a physical therapist and fitness coach who specializes in helping soccer players get stronger, faster, and recover from injury. He currently... Show More
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Dr. Ben Torres

After seeing the ugly truth behind our health care system, Dr. Ben decided to ditch the traditional model and began his own career in virtual... Show More
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Dad Shredded

The No dad bod here mentality is Shredded Dad's code! He calls himself the "Home gym equipment test dummy" and we made sure he tested...Show More
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Personal Trainers

Ben Bruno

Ben is a trainer in Los Angeles, CA. He works with an extremely wide range of clients, from professional athletes, to musicians, to actors, to... Show More
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