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The Perfect Bundle For Pain Free, Strong Knees In 10 Weeks




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"One of the best home gym purchases I have made. I was on the verge of buying a big, bulky Nordic machine from another company until I saw this. Very well built and sturdy product that easily anchors into any door. 10/10 recommend!"

- Ronnie Querry

All in one solution for improving hamstring Strength!

Finally a Way to strengthen your hamstrings at home with Nordstick Pro

Perform Nordic Curls comfortably with Nordpad Pro

Bonus: Get Results with our Proven 10 week workout plan

100,000 Satisfied Customers

The Perfect Bundle For Pain Free, Strong Knees In 10 Weeks

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30 Days Risk Free Guarantee | Secure Payments

"I've been able to overcome issues and now my knees are my greatest strength. Nordstick gets elite athlete results for knee bulletproofing."

- The Kneesovertoesguy

The Nordstick Starter Pack has got all the essentials to help you perform Nordic Curls comfortably and fix all of your knee issues

Maximize your knees' strength with Nordstick

Perform Nordic Curls comfortably with Nordpad

Fix knee pain in 10 weeks with our workout plan

A Personal Trainer & A Gym Membership In A Single Bundle

Nordstick Pro 3.0 $49.97

NordStick Pro is a tool that will help you train your knees' strength and health no matter where you are

Nordpad Pro $49.97

Nordpad is a versatile mat that will protect your joints from injuries during workouts

BONUS: Free 10 week program

From 0 To Hero is a detailed workout program designed to get you bulletproof knees

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Research Backed Results!

More Strength


More Muscle Activation with eccentric overload

Heal Your Knee


Nordic curls reduce injury risk by greater than 51%

Re-Injury Risk


2x more Hamstring muscle activation than deadlifts and 4x more Hamstring muscle activation than squats

What's Inside The Starter Pack?

Nordstick Pro - Finally, the best to train your hamstrings at Home!

Nordstick Pro 5 stars Great product. I’ve struggled to find a device that’ll give me anything similar to a leg-curl machine at a gym. I Finally have that with the Nordstick! 10/10 would recommend!

- Christian Nevitt

2x more hamstring activation than Deadlifts

Sets up anywhere in seconds

Stop neglecting your hamstrings and correct imbalances in your leg strength!

Nordpad - The mat protecting you from pain & injuries

You work hard to stay fit and healthy. You deserve an exercise mat that works just as hard for you.

Meet Nordpad, the innovative mat that lets you perform a wide range of exercises with comfort and safety.

Here’s why Nordpad is different from other mats:

It protects your joints from soreness and injury. No more grinding into the hard floor. Nordpad cushions your body with superior shock absorption and durability.

It adapts to your needs. No more too soft or too hard mats. Nordpad is engineered to provide the ideal balance of firmness and flexibility.

It stays fresh and clean. No more odors and moisture. Nordpad is designed to resist bacteria and stains. You can easily wipe it off with a damp cloth.

From 0 To Hero - The best workouts for your knees' health

Get to know the most effective workout plan to strengthen your knees and reduce the risk of injuries:

2 workouts a week for 10 weeks

Just workout 30 minutes a day

More strength & better health in 10 weeks

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The program is designed by experts in physical therapy and strength coaching, who have helped thousands of people like you achieve their fitness goals. It’s based on scientific principles and proven methods that work for any age, fitness level, or knee condition.

"Does exactly what the 600$ rogue floor ghd does but at a fraction of the cost!" - Cal Dietz

What They're Saying

I have a 1 year old baby and very little time to hit the gym. This has become one more great piece in my home workout arsenal. Easy to set up and has some work out tips online for beginners. I’m liking it allot!

Ned H.

Verified Buyer

Really nice piece of equipment, simple, well made (very stout). The adjustment is simple and sturdy. I think it is overbuilt which is a rare and welcome surprise. I also find it very useful for me because I use it for Nordic curls and pull overs.

Kindle Customer

Verified Buyer

Simple, easy to use once you get it adjusted properly. Makes it possible to do hamstring curls without spending a lot. Must have for anyone working out at home and wanting to truly develop overall leg strength.


Verified Buyer

Save $130 With Our Starter Pack

Get your bundle now and transform your knees' health

Starter Pack

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What's Included:

NordStick ($49.97 Value)

Nordpad ($49.97 Value)

Bonus: From 0 To Hero ($100 Value)



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