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Looking for the secret to Pain-Free, Strong Knees in no time at all? Look no further. Get fast results in just 5 minutes a day! Includes:

The Nordstick Pro - The best and Easiest way to perform Nordic curls Anywhere anytime!

The Omnistrap - The Swiss Army Knife of Fitness Products

A Proven 5 Steps Framework toward your first nordic curl E-Book and Nordic curl Mastery E-Book
Both Written by Dr Ben Torres

10-minute 1-on-1 consultation with Dr. Garrett: Set up, guidance, and finding your ideal starting point for immediate success.

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Here’s A Sneak Peek Of What’s Inside

Nordstick Pro

Discover the joy of pain-free, joint-friendly workouts that focus on strengthening your hamstrings.

Nordic Curl Guide

Unlock your first Nordic curl, and build a strong posterior chain through step-by-step proven process

Nordic Curl Mastery

Through step-by-step modifications and progressions, enhance performance, prevent injuries, and build a strong posterior chain long term.


This versatile strap strengthens glutes and hips, attaches to any equipment, and offers

easy storage

$10 Gift card

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With A Free 10-minute consult by Dr. Garrett, Inventor of The NordStick, gain personalized guidance and expert tips for optimizing your form, technique, and results right from the start


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Success Story

Nick. Went from 0 to Nordic curl in under 2 months!

“Just hit my first unassisted nordic. The band really helped me reach my goal in only 2 months.”

Nicole. From a History of Hamstring Injuries to Bulletproof Knees

"I was skeptical at first, but Nordic curls have completely changed my life! As someone who suffered from knee pain, I was limited in what I could do. But now that I've been doing Nordic curls, my knee pain has significantly decreased and I feel stronger than ever. I can finally enjoy my favorite activities like hiking and playing sports without worrying about pain. Trust me, if you want to improve your leg strength and reduce pain, Nordic curls are the way to go!"

Hear from Our NordStick Community

"I used to dread going to the gym because I never had the time, and my knee pain made it even harder to exercise. But then I discovered Nordic curls and I can do them right at home! They're so easy to do and I only need to spend a few minutes a day to feel the benefits. My knee pain has improved and I feel stronger overall. Now, I can't wait to go for a run or play basketball with my friends!"

Mark From Ohio USA

Verified Buyer

Great product, has so far exceeded my expectations. I train mostly in a garage gym and the Nordstick has been great. It has been sturdy so far (I weight 110kg/240lbs). I also live out in New Zealand and delivery was about a week faster than quoted. Overall, would 10/10 buy again

John from New Zealand

Verified Buyer

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With over 100,000 happy customers we are confident you will love your Nordstick & Omnistrap. If you do not for any reason, send it back in 30 days no questions ask!


Spring Sale Super Bundle


Now $69.97