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The N1 Nordic Curl tool to help you strengthen your knees and live pain-free

1. It helps you overcome knee pain

"I was tired of dealing with pain, I knew I needed to take action. The Nordstick made it easy and I noticed results within a few weeks!"

- Kristen from SC

NordStick is the best Nordic curls tool on the market, and it can bring unprecedented health benefits:

It strengthens knee muscles including the hamstrings

It reduces the impact on the joint, leading to less pain

Nordic curls won't stress your knees, so you can exercise pain-free

2. You can use it literally everywhere

"I was tired of making the decision between going to the gym and playing sports with friends. The Nordstick fixes that!"

- John from PA

The Nordstick offers lightning-fast setup and effortless yet effective workouts, perfect for those with busy schedules.

Its gentle yet sturdy design features a rubberized door anchor that doesn't damage your doors, and a cam buckle that can securely hold up to 500 pounds.

Portable and versatile, the Nordstick allows you to perform Nordic curls anywhere there's a door, saving you time and energy on gym trips.

3. It cuts your injury risk in half

Nordic curls reduce injury risk by over 50% and re-injury risk by 85%. The Nordstick makes doing nordic curls easier than ever.

Nordic curls are a key exercise in the FIFA 11+, the world's most effective injury reduction program.

Additionally, they reduce the risk of ACL injuries, hamstring injuries, and other knee/hip related injuries.

4. Unbeatable value

NordStick offers the same level of quantity and functionality as a $600 Nordic bench but a fraction of the cost, so you can achieve your fitness goals without breaking the bank, at a price you won't regret paying.

You can perform Nordic curls anywhere, making it easy to stick to your fitness routine.

With just a few sets of Nordic curls, Nordstick can help you achieve noticeable benefits fast.

5. 10,000+ healed knees

Nordstick has helped countless of athletes, gym enthusiasts and celebrities strengthen their knees and achieve an healthier and stronger body.

With 10,000+ positive reviews and over 100,000 units sold, we're ready to transform how you train!

What They're Saying

I have a 1 year old baby and very little time to hit the gym. This has become one more great piece in my home workout arsenal. Easy to set up and has some work out tips online for beginners. I’m liking it allot!

Ned H.

Verified Buyer

Really nice piece of equipment, simple, well made (very stout). The adjustment is simple and sturdy. I think it is overbuilt which is a rare and welcome surprise. I also find it very useful for me because I use it for Nordic curls and pull overs.

Kindle Customer

Verified Buyer

Simple, easy to use once you get it adjusted properly. Makes it possible to do hamstring curls without spending a lot. Must have for anyone working out at home and wanting to truly develop overall leg strength.


Verified Buyer

Stronger, Healthier Knees With Nordic Curls

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