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Bulletproof Knees, Injury Prevention & Enhanced Performance

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The Nordstick has assisted in over 1 million Nordic curls and now provides more versatility to improve your home workouts!

'Nordstick Pro Banded exercise equipment with ankle cuffs and resistance bands labeled black and red.'


Nordstick Banded Pro: the World's #1 Nordic Curls Tool

Transform your door into a complete home gym

Nordstick Banded can be used on every door, and it helps you perform a wide range of exercises:

Nordic Curls

Hamstring Curls

Hip Abductions

Leg Extensions

Hip Extensions

Reverse Squats

Hip Flexions

Nordic Curls

Hamstring Curls

Hip Abductions

Leg Extensions

Hip Extensions

Reverse Squats

Hip Flexions

The ultimate at-home solution for Nordic Curls and way more!

Nordstick Banded helps you perform Nordic Curls wherever you are (+ dozens of other exercises)

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Train your legs anywhere, anytime

Icon of a purple dumbbell on a white background.

Helps you do 20+ effective exercises

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Reduce your injury and re-injury risk

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Gets you results in 10 weeks or less


Nordic Curls + Hamstring Curls = Results

Man performing a Nordic hamstring exercise at home on a hardwood floor.

Nordic Curl

Great for Strengthening Your Hamstrings

Proven to reduce hamstring injury risk

Challenging and can create faster results

Perfect for Intermediate to advance individuals

Person using resistance bands for leg exercises in a home setting.

Hamstring Curl

Great for warm ups

Easy to Isolate one leg to improve imbalances

Great for isolating your hamstrings

Perfect for Beginners to Advance Individuals

the science behind nordic curls

Researched & backed by Science

Woman in purple activewear tying shoelaces, reflected in mirror.


reduce injury risk

Nordic curls can reduce the risk of hamstring injuries by up to 51% in athletes

Woman in purple activewear tying shoelaces, reflected in mirror.


increase strength

Nordic curls can increase hamstring & glute strength by 11% and 18%, in just 10 weeks.

Woman in purple activewear tying shoelaces, reflected in mirror.


better performance

Nordic curls enhance sprint performance by 4% and vertical jump height by 3% in athletes.

Stronger, Bulletproof Knees in 3 Simple Steps

A Nordic Curl is a bodyweight exercise that targets your hamstrings and glutes. Here's how it works:

Animated robot vacuum cleaning a living room carpet while avoiding a door.


Slide Nordstick under your door

Man performing a Nordic hamstring curl exercise in a room with wooden flooring and a potted plant.


Perform Nordic Curls

Person doing a Nordic hamstring curl exercise using a door anchor.


Enjoy stronger, healthier legs

NordStick Pro Banded exercise equipment with ankle cuffs, loop connectors, and resistance bands.

A portable home gym

The all-new Nordstick Pro Banded is made to help you train effectively wherever there is a door

2x Ultra Comfortable Ankle Cuffs

1x Medium Resistance Band (Black) 10-50 pounds of Resistance

- Ideal for warm ups

1x Heavy Resistance Band (Red) 25-70 pounds of Resistance

- Ideal For Hamstring Curl Workouts!

Double up! Red+ Black for 100+ Pounds of Resistance

- Ideal for stronger users!

Easily connect the Bands to Nordstick for better Nordic Curls


Image showing The Nordstick Resilience Program free offer with training video on a laptop and schedule on a phone.

BONUS: 10 Week Proven Path to Success Free

Created By one to the USA's top Sports Physical therapist. The 10 Week Program is designed to ensure you have success! This Program has been tested by 1000's and creates real results!

Research-backed exercise program

Real Results without the guess work

Can be done in 20 minutes a day

See results in 8 weeks or less

Why we created The Nordstick

Nordstick was born in 2019 from the mind of Garrett Drumheller, a Sports Physical Therapist who wanted a solution to give his clients that would help them during their entire rehab journey.

We wanted to provide more entry level solutiond to hamstrings strengthening, which happened with the launch of Nordstick 1.0.

Then, we realized that the Nordic Curl was an advanced and difficult exercise, and not everyone could take advantage of them.

That's why we made Nordstick Banded Pro. It's a more complete door way leg strengthening solution no longer limited to just nordic curls. The Nordstick Pro Banded allows you to strengthen ever aspect of your legs!

A man and woman giving a high-five in a brightly lit room with teal walls.

Nordic Curls Bring You Massive Health Benefits

Used by world-class athletes, Nordic Curls are proven to bring exceptional benefits to your body





Less than 20 Minutes A day 2x a Week

Enhance Performance


147,000+ are using Nordstick

See what athletes & regular people say about Nordstick

147,000+ Knees Fixed

The World's Best Nordic Curl Tool

Stronger & Injury-Proof Knees In 10 Weeks

Nordstick Banded Pro is the portable tool that helps you perform Nordic Curls anywhere, anytime.

Overcome knee pain

Reduce injury risk

Costs a fraction of a Nordic Bench

You can use it anywhere there's a door


Person performing Nordic hamstring curl exercise indoors with a digital illustration of muscles.

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