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The Original Nordstick

The Original Nordstick

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The Original Nordstick- This is where it all Started! This product has helped over 50,000 people improve their hamstring strength! This will always be our most affordable option and is best for those starting out! 

"The main thing I noticed right out of the box was how solidly this was constructed. Then it became obvious that a lot of attention had been paid during construction to the details. Finally, it is comfortable and works exactly as advertised." -Happy Customer 

Key Features

  1. 1-inch thick rollers so they will not dig into your Achilles and allow you to push harder doing your workouts
  2. Easy to use figure 8 buckle design, making it easy to fit most shoe sizes! 
  3. 1.5-inch rubberized door anchor so this will not leave marks or damage your doors. 

If you're looking for a good starting point this is 100% the way to go! 

Why Nordic curls? Nordic Curls have been shown in research to:

  1. Improve sprint speed
  2. Reduce injury risk
  3. Improve leg strength 

And Per our 1000's of reviews helped many of individuals get out of pain and return to doing what they love! (This is not medical advice but seriously check out the reviews!) 

Knee pad sold separately! 


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Train with us!

Start training on the go with the Nordstick bundle! With the Nordpad and the Nordstick, you'll have everything you need to get a great workout in where ever you are!