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5 Reasons Why Celebrities Are Using Our Starter Pack To Get Stronger & Healthier Knees In 30 Minutes A Day

Garrett Drumheller

August 20th, 2023

1. It helps you overcome knee pain in 10 weeks

"I was tired of dealing with pain, I knew I needed to take action. The Nordstick made it easy and I noticed results within a few weeks!"

- Kristen from SC

We created the Starter Pack to be the perfect bundle for healing your knees and make the legs' muscles stronger & healthier

The Nordstick will help you strengthen your hamstrings & knees

Nordpad reduces the impact of the workouts on the joints, leading to less pain

From 0 To Hero Workout Plan will give you a clear roadmap to healthier knees

2. It cuts your injury risk in half

The Starter Pack is centered around one of the most effective exercises for legs: the Nordic Curl.

Nordic curls reduce injury risk by over 50% and re-injury risk by 85%.

They are a key exercise in the FIFA 11+, the world's most effective injury reduction program.

Additionally, they reduce the risk of ACL injuries, hamstring injuries, and other knee/hip related injuries.

And the Starter Pack makes doing nordic curls easier than ever!

3. You can work out anywhere, comfortably

The Starter Pack includes Nordstick and Nordpad, which are built to make you workout everywhere and comfortably.

The Nordstick offers lightning-fast setup and effortless yet effective workouts, perfect for those with busy schedules.

Portable and versatile, it allows you to perform Nordic curls anywhere there's a door, saving you time and energy on gym trips.

Then you have the Nordpad - an innovative mat that protects your joints from soreness & injury, making your workouts safer than ever.

4. You'll have a clear roadmap to healthier & stronger knees

The Starter Pack contains From Zero To Hero, the best 10-week workout to strengthen the knees and reduce the risk of injuries.

2 workouts a week for 10 weeks

Just workout 30 minutes a day

More strength & better health in 10 weeks

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The program is designed by experts in physical therapy and strength coaching, who have helped thousands of people like you achieve their fitness goals. It’s based on scientific principles and proven methods that work for any age, fitness level, or knee condition.

5. Unbeatable value

The Starter Pack is a personal trainer and a gym membership in a single bundle.

NordStick & NordPad offer the same level of quantity, comfort and functionality as a $600 Nordic bench but a fraction of the cost and with the addition of portability & versatility, so you can achieve your fitness goals without breaking the bank, at a price you won't regret paying.

And From Zero To Hero will guide you step by step in learning how to perform the Nordic Curl, how to progress and how to structure your workouts so that you'll have strong and healthy knees.

Over 100,000 Knees Healed

I have a 1 year old baby and very little time to hit the gym. This has become one more great piece in my home workout arsenal. Easy to set up and has some work out tips online for beginners. I’m liking it allot!

Ned H.

Verified Buyer

Really nice piece of equipment, simple, well made (very stout). The adjustment is simple and sturdy. I think it is overbuilt which is a rare and welcome surprise. I also find it very useful for me because I use it for Nordic curls and pull overs.

Kindle Customer

Verified Buyer

Simple, easy to use once you get it adjusted properly. Makes it possible to do hamstring curls without spending a lot. Must have for anyone working out at home and wanting to truly develop overall leg strength.


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Stronger, Healthier Knees In 10 Weeks

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Reduce Injury Risk

Train From Anywhere

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Unbeatable Value

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